Math Prefresher: A Short Course in Quantitative Methods (Course Link)

(Summer 2016, Summer 2017)

A two-week graduate course on mathematics and computer programming for social scientists. The course introduces the mathematics and computer skills needed for quantitative and formal modeling courses offered at Harvard.

Teaching Fellow

Gov 2003 – Topics in Quantitative Methods Teaching Fellow, Spring 2019

Instructors: Matthew Blackwell and Kosuke Imai

This course covers topics of general interest to political methodology: causal inference, graphical models, mixed methods, contest modeling, text-as-data, item response. Illustrates how ideas and methods from these areas can be applied to substantive questions.

Gov 2000 – Introduction to Quantitative Methods I, Fall 2018

Recipient, Certificate of Distinction in Teaching Award

Instructor: Xiang Zhou

An introduction to statistical research in political science with a focus on applied linear regression.

Gov 62 – Research Practice in Qualitative Methods, Spring 2018

Recipient, Certificate of Distinction in Teaching Award

Instructor: Frances Hagopian

The primary objective of this seminar is to introduce students to the basic principles and tools of qualitative research in the social sciences. A second objective of the course is to prepare students to undertake original research for their senior thesis projects. The course therefore focuses on issues of qualitative research design and methodological application in comparative social science.

Gov 2002 – Topics in Advanced Quantitative Methodology, Fall 2016

Instructor: Michael Peress

Graduate course on the theory and implementation of causal inference methods for social science research. Topics include randomized experiments, matching, diff-in-diff, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity designs, sensitivity analysis, and causal mediation.