At UT Austin, we train students to become full-stack researchers—navigating the idea generation, theoretical development, data creation, analysis, and refinement phase of projects across a wide range of subdisciplines. With the integration of cutting-edge technologies and conceptual frameworks, our students learn to manage and manipulate large datasets, deploy AI and statistical tools, and leverage powerful computational resources to form insights into pressing societal issues.

Graduate Students (Co)Advised


[2.] Nicolas Audinet de Pieuchon, Ph.D. in Data Science and AI, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden (2024-present)

[1.] Kazuki Sakamoto, Ph.D. in Analytical Sociology, Linköping University, Sweden (2024-present)


[3.] Cem Mert Dallı, Master’s Student of Applied Data Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (2024)

[2.] Mikael Gustafsson, Master’s Student of Computational Social Science, Linköping University, Sweden (2024)

  • Thesis: Estimating Aid Effectiveness in Fragile and Conflict-affected States: Evidence from Satellite-based Inference in Somalia

[1.] Cindy Conlin, Master’s Student of Computational Social Science, Linköping University, Sweden (2023-2024)

  • Thesis: Using Machine Learning and Daytime Satellite Imagery to Estimate Aid’s Effect on Wealth: Comparing China and World Bank Programs in Africa [Code]

Graduate Student Co-authors

SayedMorteza Malaekeh, Ph.D. student in Engineering, UT Austin

Ritwik Vashistha, Ph.D. student in the Department of Statistics and Data Science, UT Austin

Committee Member for Graduate Students

Angela Ting, Ph.D. in Statistics & Data Science, UT Austin (2023-present)

Members of Research Group

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Andrés Cruz

Peter Dunphy

Krishna C Hariprasad (Boren Awardee; Fulbright UK Summer Institute Awardee)

Nivedita (Nivy) Jhunjhunwala

Siyun Jiang (now an Assistant Professor at IE University)

Eric (Young Seok) Kim

Huimin Li

Jenna Salzman

Miranda Sullivan

Kyle Trojahn (NSF GRF Awardee)

Daisy Ward

Student Projects

The students I’ve had the fortune to work with in various capacities are incredibly talented. Below, you can find links to some of their projects:

[6 Years a Statistician] (by Ritwik Vashistha)

[All 2024 US Political Candidates & Staff] (by Will Schrepferman)

[Methods Camp Website] (by Andrés Cruz & Matthew Martin)

Working Together

If you have any questions, are interested in collaborating, or are interested in pursuing graduate studies at UT Austin, you can email


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