R Packages

readme2: An R Package for Improved Automated Nonparametric Content Analysis for Social Science
[Readme] [Documentation] [Patent]
[Overview] [Article]

causalimages: An R Package for Causal Inference with Earth Observation, Bio-medical, and Social Science Images
[Readme] [Documentation]
[Overview] [Article]

LinkOrgs: An R Package for Linking Datasets on Organizations Using Half-a-Billion Open-Collaborated Records
[Readme] [Documentation]
[Overview] [Preprint]

DescriptiveRepresentationCalculator: Descriptive Representation Calculator from ‘The Composition of Descriptive Representation’
[Readme] [Documentation]
[Overview] [Article] [CRAN]

fastrerandomize: An R Package for Ultra-fast Rerandomization Using a JAX Backend

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