Data Assets

Data for: The Composition of Descriptive Representation
Description: Repository contains information on the gender, ethnicity, religion, and language of political leaders across the globe. Other leader features include age, educational attainment, and birthplace. Merged population-level statistics also provided for the different group types.
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Data for: Image-based Treatment-effect Heterogeneity
Description: Repository contains experimental data for an anti-poverty intervention in Uganda, along with geo-referenced satellite imagery for each experimental unit.
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Data for: Integrating Earth Observation Data into Causal Inference: Challenges and Opportunities
Description: Repository contains observational data for aid interventions in Nigeria, along with geo-referenced satellite imagery for each observational unit.
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Data for: An Improved Method of Automated Nonparametric Content Analysis for Social Science
Description: Repository contains data for 74 text analysis tasks related to politics and public opinion.
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Data for: The Impact of a Transportation Intervention on Electoral Politics: Evidence from E-ZPass
Description: Repository contains data on a transportation intervention in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, along with changes in housing values, electoral outcomes, and individual-level campaign contribution behavior.
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